Wuhan be strong! Beijing, make a push!

Фото агентство Синьхуа

The epidemics of a new coronavirus became a challenge not only for China but for the whole world as well. However, disinformation and fake news were spreading faster than the virus.

A representative of the WHO Andrew Pattison has even created a name for this targeted disinformation, he called it “infodemics”. In addition to it, Pattison has even criticized representatives of American IT companies for inaccurate efforts in repressing fake news about coronavirus.

Therefore, Director General of WHO Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in his speech made at the Munich International Conference on Safety, declared that social networks should not stimulate spreading of disinformation and fake news connected with the coronavirus COVID-19.

Our representative and a team of specialists visited Wuhan some weeks ago and now are working on-site. We are convinced that we deal with the government which cooperates with us, invites international experts, submits information on genome of the virus to the world and still collaborates with foreigners”, – stated Executive Director of the WHO Program for Extraordinary Situations in Health Care, Michael Rayan.

At a time when China makes titanic efforts in struggling with the epidemics and has already reached significant success, internet absorbs a large mass of lie on spreading and treatment of the virus.

It is noteworthy that since the moment of epidemics blow-up, the Chinese government has made giant efforts in struggling with it. In fact, China created a defensive line of protection from the virus and control over its spreading. Nowadays, the key objective of the country is to prevent and eradicate the epidemics. “Power is in unity” is a slogan of Chinese people in their war with the epidemics and spreading of the virus.

In Wuhan and Hubei Province, where situation with regards of the epidemics is acute, operation of the civil transport has been suspended, roads connecting Wuhan with other cities have been closed, and all movements of the citizens have been strictly controlled.

Thanks to the above-mentioned and other measures, the situation has not worsened in other regions of the state. To prevent spreading of the epidemics, the New Year holidays were prolonged in China, an activity on organization of grouped and internal tourism has been suspended as well.

Meanwhile, the society gets a comprehensive information about the coronavirus. Ones who travel by airplane or train, may check whether they had a contact with any infected person by a ticket number. The national Health Care Commission constantly publishes statistics on epidemics, trends of its development and preventive measures.

Steps made by China in its war with the epidemics, are named as “new standards of response on the epidemics” by a General Director of the WHO Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Besides, the WHO has also declared that it highly appreciates and supports all measures implemented by the Chinese government and is convinced that China will handle the epidemics.

Despite of superfluity of disinformation in the internet, many users of social networks in China and other countries highly appreciate the “organizational power of China”, a philosophy of management of critical situations which gives a priority to health and safety of people as well as unity of the whole nation in its struggle with the epidemics.

It is remarkable that construction of the Huoshenshan Hospital on 25000 square meters was launched on the 23rd of January and finished about in a week. Photos of monitoring of construction sites attracted attention of more than 60 mln internet users.

Speed of construction caused a high appreciations all over the world. “Unbelievable! To build a hospital on 33 ha, will take 33 days minimum, and here we can see as if Aladdin came with his magic lamp”, – wrote internet users.

It is very difficult to control such a large-scaled situation where there is such trouble. But look at us now, everything moves without obstacles: uninterrupted water, electricity, heat supply and social order are not violated. Everything operates normally with a methodic response, that is unbelievable in comparison with any other country” – state Chinese living abroad.

In the Chinese service of microblogs Weibo the phrase “Be strong, Wuhan” became a slogan. “We will deal with it. Be strong Wuhan, the whole country supports you”, – write Weibo’s users.

Georgia supports China as well. The whole Georgian society expresses support to China.

On the 1st of February, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Zalkalyan posted on his personal Twitter profile a message: “We’d like you to know that Georgia supports China and stands with you to prevent spreading of a mortal virus. It is a moment of support and solidarity!”.

I visited China two months ago. Kindness and strength of the Chinese people deeply impressed me. Now, when the Chinese people are united and are active in their struggle with the epidemics, I believe that they will reach success very soon!” – writes a Chief Producer of the Social TV Channel of Georgia Rusudan Manjgaladze on her Facebook page.

Teachers and students of the Institute of Confucius existing in the Open University of Georgia produced video messages expressing support to China in its struggle.

On the 13th of February, the Georgian-Chinese media platform “Sinomedia” initiated and organized a charitable event “Express your support to China, present a protective mask” in the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

The Chairman of the Trading-Industrial Chamber of Georgia Giorgi Pertaya, Mayor of Kvareli Rostom Sesiashvili, adviser of the Ambassador of China Dzuo Khuntbo, Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia Giorgi Kekelidze, Professor Marina Jibladze and other representatives visited the stated event.

Trading-industrial Chamber of Georgia has close links with Chinese colleagues which are not limited by remote relations, we have our official representation office in China. We are glad with a situation in the state. Hospitals built in several days demonstrate a level of organization and strength of people, and we are sure that China will deal with this complicated situation soon”, – stated Giorgi Pertaia.

A founder of the Georgian Business-House “One belt – one road”, a representative of the Trading-Industrial Chamber in the Guan dun Province Bekar Mikaberidze living in Guangzhou posted a message in his Facebook profile to support China.

I arrived in China 20 years ago as a student. In 2002, there was a blow up of an epidemics of atypical pneumonia SARS when the Government of China applied urgent measures, declared a quarantine, which covered us as well. In two months, China created a vaccine which suppressed the epidemics. I narrate it because I have faced with such situation once in my life. The Government of China now makes all efforts and leading medical institutes are working hard to create a vaccine. It is not the problem of only China, it refers to us as well, including Georgia. We must be united. I am sure that this problem will be resolved very soon”, – says Beka Mikaberidze in his video message.

Internet users write that the new epidemics has already killed many people and caused problems, but it forced other people to see how united the Chinese people are in their war with this problem.

Which country can make this? Upon a demand, the whole population does not go out outside to celebrate the Spring Holiday! Thousands of medical workers have moved to Wuhan!”- write users.

Lao Lo, a Congolese student of the Sansei University (University “Three Gorges”) writes: “Our university is situated in Ichan in the Hubei Province not far from Wuhan. Due to the epidemics, local authorities and the university initiated some measures to control and localize epidemics: they disinfected the city and all people wear masks. The University provided all students with masks and disinfecting agents.

Safety of foreign citizens is well protected and information on epidemic blow out is open and transparent for us…

Some people say that this virus is a “Chinese virus” that is not correct. Just now we heard that one Cameron student from the Yandzi University was infected by the virus as well as his Pakistani friends from Wuhan. It is evident that the virus has no “borders”, it is targeted at all.

“… I believe, that we will eradicate the epidemics together!”

Gilbert Van Kerkhove, the head of the Club of Foreigners “Old China Hands” says: “I arrived from Belgium in China in 1980. Against the background of the blow out of a new coronavirus COVID-19, I decided to stay at home in Beijing. It was difficult to make such a decision. But I think that the government makes everything possible to control the epidemics that comes out from the frames of our imagination.

Now the only one thing we can do is to cooperate with each other, for example, to minimize my exits from home, sometimes I go to market to buy some goods. The markets are full of products, there is no panic. We can buy everything we wish.

I will stay in Beijing as I believe that the epidemics will be suppressed and controlled and I hope that our foreigners will actively cooperate with local authorities. And finally, I would say: ‘Beijing, be stronger!”

Wuhan be strong! Beijing, make a push!

Lika Zhorzholiani, for newcaucasus.com