Never been asked / never are


The project “Never been asked, never are” is a documentary film about young people born after the Abkhaz-Georgian conflict in the early 90s, about those who are commonly called the “post-conflict generation”.

The protagonists are young Abkhazians and Georgians, six different stories, united by a common theme of post-conflict problems and challenges. The characters of the film do not talk about politics and do not give assessments of the war, but talk about how the conflict has affected their lives, how it has influenced their views, what they had to lose, and what, on the contrary, they managed to acquire, and what problems are created today. This is a film about people who did not start the war and are not responsible for those who fought, but who may be able to bring the conflict settlement closer.

“For me, as a representative of this generation, it was important to start a dialogue in the context of the current political circumstances, in which the young generation of Abkhazia is deprived of the opportunity to travel outside the country without citizenship of another country (Russia). This is an attempt to raise this painful issue through portraits of young people who were born and raised in the already existing limitations. Their dreams and professional realization are limited by the impossibility of going abroad, including getting an education abroad. Moreover, no one asks us what should we do, how to dream and develop in such circumstances?”, – says the author of the Abkhaz part of the film, Atana Agrba.


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